November 9, 2017

Stewart, Esthetician

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

Why skin?
I have always had an interest in skin and studying the human organs inside and out.  Facials and skin treatments fit my relaxed energy throughout the day. They are my favorite way to de-stress and feel great!

Why Aveda? 
I got introduced to Aveda in high school and was wowed by the ingredients and results. I love the earthy smells because they aren’t overwhelming. While working for Aveda I have received more education than I could have imagined. Every day I learn something new. I’ve learned a lot about ingredients and how much it affects skin and hair. Aveda delivers great services!

Favorite Aveda product:
Beautifying Composition oil.  It is the most versatile Aveda product.  I use it from head to toe… literally!

First job: 

Favorite smell: 
Lavender and peppermint mixed together

The talent I’d most like to have:
To breathe underwater

If I had an hour of free time every day, I would:
Take a bath

My décor at home looks like:
Recycled Aveda posters/signs.

My Examples of Beauty