July 5, 2019

The end of the summer may not be so bad…..

It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, everyone is beginning to get back into their routines, kids are going back to school and you may feel sadness setting in that summer days are almost over. But, with the end of each season there is something exciting about the season to follow. And, do we have some exciting news for you!




It’s been a long time coming and we are so excited to announce that we will have a new color line that will be launching this fall called Aveda Vibrants! In 11 new fashion color shades, we are able to create almost any fashion color you can imagine! Aveda Vibrants are vegan, proven to help improve the condition of damaged hair, adds superior shine and vibrancy and is 95% naturally derived. Expected to be in salon by September 1st! *We will still require a consultation before booking any fashion color appointments.


Introducing our New Lip Colors!



In 7 beautiful shades, Pure Nourish-Mint Liquid Color Balm is a 93% naturally derived vegan LIQUID LIPSTICK (yes, you read that right) with a rich creme finish. Organic cupuacu fruit butter helps lock in hydration, pomegranate seed oil and avocado fruit oil help lips retail moisture, mangosteen helps provide nourishment, acai sterols help provide physical structure to the formula and carnauba wax and Kaolin clay help deliver long-wearing benefits. It gives 8 hours of wearing without bleeding! Are you as excited as we are to try this stuff out?! Finally, we have the liquid lipsticks of our dreams! Expected to hit the shelves on September 1st!



With the new liquid lipsticks on their way, our glosses are also getting a new look! 7 new colors that are 98% naturally derived, vegan, shiny lip gloss that smooths, visibly plumps the lips and provides all-day moisture with an ultra-lightweight texture! Expected to hit the shelves on September 1st!



We know that going back to school can be rough on both parents and their children, and it is defiantly hard to say goodbye to summertime and get back into a routine. Here are some helpful tips and products that will get you back into the groove and help suppress those anxious feelings!

  • Find a hobby that helps you relax and carry that into the new school year with you! Anytime you begin to feel anxious, sit down and focus on what makes you relax!
  • Take a bubble bath. Everyone loves a good bubble bath! And to make it even better, add in some drops of our Stress Fix Composition Oil or Soaking Salts. Formulated with the aroma of lavender, lavendin and clary sage, it is proved to help reduce the feelings of stress!
  • Take a moment to breath. Stopping throughout the day when you are feeling overwhelmed and taking some deep breaths will help reduce tension and help clear your mind. Use our Cooling Oil Rollerball to apply cooling oil into the palms of the hands or around the wrist and just breathe!
  • Have something that you can’t get off of your mind? Chat with a friend, family member or coworker to help get whatever is bothering you off of your chest. Even if it seems silly, sometimes getting a second opinion or someone else’s view on things will help you find other ways to make it better that you may not have thought of.
  • Spend time with those who bring out the happiness in you! Don’t surround yourself with toxic people, it will only bring you down. Be with those who encourage you, and when you can, encourage others. You never know how some kind words may turn someone else’s day around.


Mark your calendar for Girls Night Out!


Join us on Saturday September 14th from 6pm-8pm for a fun girls night out, featuring all of our amazing makeup, skin and body products! You can even get a first look at our NEW Lip Color Balms & Glosses. Wine and horderves will be served and it is FREE TO ATTEND!! Bring all of your friends! We will also have one night only promotions. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing event and we can’t wait to see you there! Let us know if your coming by clicking Attending on our Facebook event page, link listed below!


It’s time to reward yourself!



Did you know that we have a NEW redemption list for Pure Privilege! The list is now bigger and better than ever. Redeem your points for some of your favorite products or use them to splurge on something you have been wanting to try. You can access this list in store on online at! Also, don’t forget about the My Aveda app! Available on all Apple products, you can redeem and keep track of your points and promotions right from your phone! Not a member? Sign up and receive double points on your first purchase! You only have to spend $75 when you sign up to reach the first tier and start redeeming! You don’t want to miss out on these redemption! 


Yes, its that time again!



Can you believe that this year is already more than half way over?? Cause we can’t….. And believe it or not, it is the time to start talking about your holiday appointments! This is the time of year where majority of our guests will begin to book through the rest of this year and into the next to make sure that their hair and skin are holiday ready! They will be here before we know it, so book your holiday appointments today!


MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED TO OUR EMAIL LIST TO RECEIVE INFORMATION ABOUT ALL THE PROMOTIONS WE HAVE COMING UP! If you are not subscribed, please contact us at 336-292-5555 and we will get you added!


Pure Privilege 

Any shine service $25+ : 500 points (July 17th-August 31st)