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The end of the summer may not be so bad…..

It's that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, everyone is beginning to get back into their routines, kids are going back to school and you may ...
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Good Times and Tan Lines

There is something about summertime that just makes you want to smile! Where are you headed to this summer? Is it the beach, the pool, somewhere tropical, maybe just relaxing ...
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Get Ready for Summer with Jade!

Do you find yourself searching "How to fix damaged hair?" or "Hair products for damaged hair?" Do you feel like your hair is breaking and doesn't feel as strong as ...
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Where There’s a Well, There’s a Way.

Did you know that everyday 663 million people drink dirty water? That's twice the population of the United States. 1 in 10 people. This year, Aveda is proud to partner ...
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Team Who??? Team YOU!!!

What Aveda Team are You on?? I think it's safe to say that we all have tried a million and one products over the years, but don't we all have ...
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ATTENTION! Exciting NEW things at Jade!!

NEW SERVICES AT TO JADE!!! We know you all have been waiting for it and we have officially added Mircoblading to our services at Jade with Stewart starting in March! ...
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