September 1, 2016

I can’t wait to come back…

I could not wait to post this review! WOW! AMAZING! I feel like I had a makeover! I came in and showed Kristen some pictures I had on my phone with some ideas right away, as usual, she guided me toward something reasonable that she thought would suit me. It was so exciting to go through the process! As she put the foils in (I secretly always wanted those things in my hair!) and when they were washed out, the excitement of walking back to the chair to see what my hair looked like was ridiculous! The big reveal was BEAUTIFUL! We were both so happy!! As she blew out my hair, she asked me how I wanted it styled, and I said I just wanted it to look like “bed head”! We both laughed and as usual the blow out was shear perfection! The whole ride home was a dangerous one! I kept looking in the mirror, distracted by the image reflected back, not realizing it was me and this beautiful hair! I can’t wait to come back and get more! Thank you Kristen! As usual, I am not worthy!
–Lisa F