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Winter Trends We Love…

Have you checked your email lately? Check and see if you received the Aveda Invati invitation to try a product that people cannot get enough of! Invati is proven to help our guests with thin hair, keep the hair they have! Come by Jade and get a free sample of Invati today, your hair will thank you! If you are already an Invati user, now is a great time to stock up with some good deals! If you purchase the liter sizes of shampoo and conditioner, you will receive a free full-size Invati Revitalizer ($63 Value). If you purchase the regular sizes of Invati shampoo and conditioner, you will receive a free trial size Invati Revitalizer ($26 Value). These deals are too good to pass up! So, come and see us today! (Offer valid January 23rd-March 31st)

Are you experiencing dry winter skin? Do you dream of having that wedding glow skin every day? If you answered yes, Jade Aveda has the perfect product for you! The Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight and Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Overnight are one of Aveda’s newest products! What makes these new products so wonderfully unique is that they were modeled after the gorgeous Haldi beauty ritual, which is a key part of the Hindu wedding ceremony. Not only do both products deliver wedding-day skin, they do so inspired by an approach that has been time-tested and proven for generations. Turmeric is the main sourced ingredient in the Wedding Masque and guarantees that wedding glow, each and every day!

New product for men launches in February! Men, are you over your grey hair? What if we told you, you only needed 5 minutes in order to go back to your natural hair color? Aveda has a product for all our busy men out there! 5-minute grey blending can be added on to your next service. This product is formulated to quickly blend away grey by balancing the white or grey hair with your natural color in a quick 5-minute processing. Experience low maintenance, low commitment results that last up to four weeks, gradually fading back to your natural shade without leaving any visible signs of regrowth.

Men, do you want thicker hair? This month, Thickening Paste will become your new best friend! Men’s Pure-Formance Thickening Paste instantly thickens strands for a strong, defined look with the power of botanicals. This product makes hair look and feel thicker from roots to ends, with an easily applied product that provides hold and natural finish.

Meet Dry Shampoo’s best friend, Dry Conditioner! Coming March 26th you can experience Shampure’s Thermal Dry Conditioner. Want this new product before anyone else? We will have a pre-sale on the dry conditioner and will offer 15% off! Making your cost only $26. This product is 97% naturally derived thermal dry spray that instantly conditions, detangles and softens hair in between washes. Combine this product with our Shampure Dry Shampoo and skip the dreaded hair washing days! We know you’re busy, so make sure to add this newest product to your shopping list! Trust us, you will enjoy saving time and water by not having to wash your hair as frequently!

Welcome Fall, we have been waiting for you…

Here are some Fall trends we are falling for…     Want an effortless look that makes a big impact? Our newest product, Texture Tonic is a sugar and salt spray that will give your hair natural texture all day long! Plus, you will LOVE the way it smells. Come in and try the product […]

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